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Having functional heating and cooling in Columbus isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity. And it’s one that Smith Heating and Cooling is ready to fix whenever something goes wrong. From ventilation issues to faulty water heaters to air conditioners that simply don’t cool, we’ll have a solution. Our experienced team can perform repairs, new unit installations, and routine maintenance to ensure your A/C or heater is running at peak performance

Because we’ve been a premium heating and cooling provider in Columbus for years, we’re well acquainted with the wide variety of HVAC systems used locally. As such, we’re comfortable working on everything from small home heating units to large-scale commercial air conditioning design and implementation projects. When you partner with Smith Heating and Cooling, you get the peace of mind that comes with a professional HVAC specialist.

On every job, both small and large, your Smith Heating and Cooling technician will be looking for ways to save you money, from picking the right water heater model to ventilation tweaks that make your HVAC system more efficient and your monthly bills less expensive. By always focusing on your interests, we’ve grown a large base of satisfied Columbus clients.

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